Haddad has ‘greater ability to agglutinate’, says Gleisi amid negotiations with the PSB in SP

In the midst of negotiations between PT and PSB for the formation of a federation and, consequently, of an alliance around Lula in the presidential elections, PT president, Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), declared this Friday 14 that Fernando Haddad (PT ) seems to have greater electoral viability in São Paulo.

The São Paulo scenario is one of the main knots to be untied by PT and PSB in the search for an alliance – the socialists want to launch Marcio França as governor. In addition to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Sul are under discussion.

in an interview with The globe, Gleisi stated that “it is legitimate for both the PT and the PSB to put their names on the table”.

“In fact, in São Paulo what we have seen is Haddad in 1st place here in the polls, I think he has a greater ability to agglutinate. But let’s sit down and talk to the PSB”, said the PT president. In Pernambuco, according to Gleisi, there is also a need to deepen the dialogue.

The PT raised the name of Senator Humberto Costa to succeed Paulo Câmara (PSB), who is in the last year of his 2nd term. The PT argument is that the pesebistas have not presented, so far, a candidate for the election. “Humberto has good traffic with PSB and has always been together”, assesses Gleisi.

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