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Ravi (Juan Paiva) will surrender to a new love after being betrayed, humiliated and faced with the bread that the devil kneaded at the wedding with Joy (Lara Tremouroux) in Um Lugar ao Sol. The boy will be enchanted by Thaiane (Georgina Castro), Noca’s (Marieta Severo) lost granddaughter and Lara’s (Andréia Horta) cousin in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

Abandoned by the street tagger, the ex-driver will blame Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) for the end of his marriage. Fighting with his best friend, the good guy will resume contact with Lara, from whom he distanced himself to keep the usurper’s secret safe.

A new character will enter Lícia Manzo’s serial to move Noca’s life. In next Thursday’s chapter (20), Thaiane will be presented to the public as an unrecognized daughter by Jerônimo (Thelmo Fernandes), who was ripped from the arms of Marieta Severo’s character when she was a child.

The cook will have to face the past when traveling to Minas Gerais for her mother’s funeral. Without introducing herself, the unknown granddaughter will pay attention to the buzz and then search for information that will lead her to her relative’s address in Rio de Janeiro.

The young woman will go after Noca in her restaurant, which will be a real chaos with many customers. Thaiane will offer to help and get a job as an assistant to the chef. She will keep the relationship a secret for a while.

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Georgina Castro featured as Thaiane

Georgina Castro plays Thaiane

Romance with Ravi rolls after Joy’s death

Ravi and Thaiane will be involved later in the plot. Before the romance with Lara’s cousin, the boy will mourn the death of Joy, who will fall from a building during a graffiti in the chapter aired on January 26.

The good guy will see Francisco’s mother lying on the ground and he will be devastated. “How did that happen, Chris? Joy could have had her stuff, but it didn’t hurt anyone. Other than that I don’t want my son to suffer from this hole in his chest. He doesn’t have anyone in the world now.” will vent Ravi with Barbara’s husband (Alinne Moraes).

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Georgina Castro and Juan Paiva behind the scenes of a soap opera

Georgina Castro and Juan Paiva backstage

Um Lugar ao Sol is a novel written by Lícia Manzo and will have 107 chapters. The plot will be replaced by the remake of Pantanal on March 14.

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