I confess spoiled and successful with ‘wink’: meet the capixaba Lucas, one of the ‘Pipocas’ of BBB22 | Holy Spirit

Get to know a little more about the former engineer who went viral with a “wink” video and who doesn’t hide the “treats” received by his mother.

Born in Serra, Lucas currently lives in Vila Velha, also in the Metropolitan Region of Espírito Santo. He graduated in Engineering because of his father, but he had a drastic change to the biomedical area: he is now studying medicine and wants to be a nutrologist.

Lucas’ success on the internet began with a video of a sensual “wink”, in which he reached over 500,000 views.

But Lucas’ focus now is to prevent his participation in BBB from lasting just a blink of an eye. The capixaba also says not to call for cancellation.

“People are afraid of being cancelled, but I have nothing to lose. I’m not afraid of being who I am”, the new capixaba who entered the most watched house in Brazil told gshow.

If for some the fact of being in adulthood and still being pampered by his mother can be a reason for shame, this is certainly not the case for Lucas. He is an only child, pampered, I confess, and claims that his mother took the lead even to assemble his suitcase for the reality show.

““My mother hides food from me. I tell her that she can’t have junk in the house, because I keep to my diet. I like to have a meal and then have dessert, otherwise I don’t seem to have eaten. I am an only child, but I lived a lot with my cousins. I’m spoiled, but I don’t mind borrowing my stuff, I just don’t like having my food touched.”, Lucas told gshow.

Lucas is a participant of BBB22 — Photo: Juliana Hippert/Gshow

The brother confesses to being “dry”, that is, not having a relationship with anyone since Christmas, as he was focused on his studies and almost didn’t go out and home. As he was in the selection process for the BBB, he also preferred to protect himself.

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“My priority is also studying. I haven’t kissed on the mouth and I haven’t been hanging out since Christmas. I’m going to have my first beer at the BBB party”, Lucas told gshow.

Single since the beginning of the pandemic, the 31-year-old capixaba says that he tried to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, but it didn’t work out.

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