It’s #FAKE that video shows Chilean President Gabriel Boric drugged | Fact or Fake

A reverse search of the images leads to a longer version of the recording, published on December 20, 2019.

By the title of the video “Agresión a Diputado Gabriel Boric en Parque Forestal” it is possible to search more records from the professional media, which point out that Boric was the target of aggression because of his position as a deputy.

The newspaper T13 highlights that Boric had the support of several politicians on Twitter after the event.

“In the framework of the mobilization carried out this Friday in Baquedano Square and surroundings, the deputy of the Frente Ampla, Gabriel Boric, was attacked by protesters in Parque Florestal. According to images shared on Twitter, the deputy was sitting on a bench in the place , when a group of people started scolding him, then threatened him, threw beer at him and took off the hat he was wearing.”

The newspaper Elmostrador also reported the aggression: “The deputy of the Broad Front Gabriel Boric was reprimanded by protesters in Parque Florestal, who faced him in his last votes in Congress. The congressman was on a bench with a woman when he was insulted and attacked. described it as ‘sold’ and [falaram] that he failed the people, plus other swearing. The parliamentarian received the impact of a can and a liquid.”

At the time, according to T13, Boric himself wrote a tweet in reaction to the episode. “May fear never defeat hope. May violence never intimidate conviction. We continue,” he wrote.

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