Jade Picon doesn’t touch a doorknob and flushes with her foot

Confirmed as one of the 10 participants of the Camarote team of “BBB 22”, the digital influencer Jade Picon, 20 years old, has an aversion to touching doorknobs, elevator and flushing with her foot.

In an interview with Gshow, the influencer pointed out that when he goes to the bathroom he uses his feet to activate the device and flush. Likewise, the youtuber does not touch door handles, nor the buttons located in elevators.

With more than 20 million followers on all social networks — on Instagram she has gained over 600,000 followers since her announcement on the show — the influencer does not eat red meat, chicken and avoid carbohydrates, but loves fish and oatmeal.

Jade Picon’s participation in “BBB 22” is something that has been speculated for a few days on the web and the famous, sister of Léo Picon, bears the title of being a millionaire, despite her young age.

Jade had already been the target of the “BBB” team there in 2020, the first year in which famous and anonymous mingled in the house. At the time, she ended up declining the invitation and explained why.

“It’s very complicated for you to put your whole career on the line, you know? I feel that the BBB is a place where you either take a rocket and go to heaven or you take a toboggan and go to hell”, he declared in an interview with youtuber Lucas Selfie.

Picon lived a famous romance with João Guilherme, actor and son of Leonardo’s singer. The two took up the relationship in 2018, after her return from an exchange in Europe and lived together: Jade even appeared on the cover of one of her ex’s singles.

The romance came to an end in September last year and she was singled out as the affair of none other than Neymar. The relationship between the two, however, was never confirmed.

The “BBB 22” debuts on January 17 and will be led by Tadeu Schmidt for the first time.

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