Jade Picon on ‘BBB22’: influencer and businesswoman has over 13.7 million followers on Instagram | TV and Series

Jade Picon is one of the participants of the “BBB22” Camarote group. The digital influencer and businesswoman has more than 13.7 million followers and has been working on the internet for 10 years.

The list of participants of “BBB22” is being announced this Friday (14) throughout the schedule. The reality show starts next Monday (17).

Jade is 20 years old, lives in São Paulo and is the sister of Leo Picon, who is also an influencer and owner of the Approve brand.

She became well-known by appearing in videos on her brother’s YouTube channel, but soon gained a legion of fans.

In the networks, she shows her beauty routine, body care, photo shoots and trips to paradise destinations. She also owns a clothing brand, Jade Jade, a success among her fans.

She also dedicates herself to the YouTube channel, which has almost 2 million subscribers.

The influencer has already dated singer and actor João Guilherme, son of countryman Leonardo, for three years until August 2021.

Their name was once again a topic on social media when Gui Araújo hinted, during conversations on a reality show, that he would have stayed with Jade while she was dating João Guilherme.

In interviews, Jade rebutted Gui’s account, denied the betrayal and regretted the exposure generated by the conversation, shown live on TV.

Influencers Jade Picon and João Guilherme dated for three years — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In the statement about her entry into the reality show, Jade says she is selective in the relationship aspect. She doesn’t consider herself a “taker”, but very lively.

In contact with other people, he says he likes to talk and, with his sincerity, prefers to leave everything well resolved. She perceives herself as a curious and stubborn young woman and says she always seeks balance. She also highlights her energy to dive into the game that is BBB. “I like a challenge, I’m a disciplined person and I feel ready for the BBB game”. He stresses that it was never canceled on the internet and hopes not to be now.

For Jade, Big Brother Brasil is an opportunity to get out of her comfort zone: “I’m looking at BBB as a trip outside my bubble, unlike any other I’ve ever done. And it looks like I’ve traveled a lot”, he emphasizes.

Influencers Jade Picon and João Guilherme dated for three years — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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