Joanna Maranhão plays with Luana Piovani by Pedro Scooby at BBB22

Former swimmer Joanna Maranhão mocked actress Luana Piovani after surfer Pedro Scooby was announced as one of the participants in the reality show Big Brother Brasil. On her social media, the former athlete advised Luana to “vent” on social media because her ex-husband did not have contact who would be on the program.

Joanna’s joke is due to a video recorded by Luana at the beginning of the month, where the actress suspected the presence of her ex-husband in reality. Questioned by columnist Leo Dias on the subject, Piovani was surprised, and said that the surfer would have told if he was one of the BBB 22 participants.

“Léo Dias called me saying what I think about Pedro being on Big Brother. Hi? I didn’t receive this news. I confess that I’d rather believe Pedro than Leo. I’ll even tag Pedro here. He would have told me , right? Does he go with the kids to Big Brother? They have classes. They can’t go. In short, a vote of confidence in the father of my children. It’s not possible”, said the surfer’s ex-wife.

After the announcement, Joanna Maranhão joked about the situation, shared Luana’s video and asked the actress to “vent in Stories”.

Joanna, however, was not the only one to have fun with the episode. Moments after Pedro Scooby’s confirmation with one of the brothers, internet users filled the web with memes about Luana Piovani’s reaction.

Some are even looking forward to Luana’s demonstrations on social media during the BBB.

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