Judge humiliates elderly man with cancer for not being able to clean yard

A sick 72-year-old man was humiliated by an American judge during a hearing this week. A video of the moment was shared on social media and triggered a series of criticisms of the way the magistrate handled the case.

Since being diagnosed with cancer three years ago, Burhan Chowdhury has struggled to get around. Unable to take care of his backyard, in the suburbs of Detroit, in the United States, he received a reprimand from Judge Alexis Krot.

During the hearing, the magistrate said that he “should be ashamed of himself”. Even explaining that he was “very weak” and unable to take care of the grass that took over the entrance to his residence, the judge embarrassed him.

“If I could, I would give you jail time for that,” said Alexis Krot.

In addition to imposing a fine on the elderly, the judge called the amount of weeds on his driveway “totally inadequate” and stated that his inability to keep the property tidy was “inexcusable.” “You have to clean this up,” he said.

Burhan Chowdhury and his family left Bangladesh for the US in 2010. In the country, they settled in Michigan from 2014, where they bought a house.

Chowdhury was diagnosed with cancer of his lymph nodes in February 2019. According to his son, he also suffers from high blood pressure and a heart problem, in addition to having impaired mobility after the discovery of the disease. Since then, his physical condition has become an obstacle to performing household chores on his own.

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