know who is the new participant of BBB 22

Ballerina, YouTuber, digital influencer and wife of Ludmilla. Brunna Gonçalves, 30 years old, is confirmed in the “BBB 22” cabin and promises to rock the most watched house in Brazil.

Born in Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brunna gained prominence when she joined Ludmilla’s ballet corps. In 2019, the two took over the relationship that started in 2017, and got married at the end of the same year.

In an interview, Ludmilla already told that the two met when she was still performing as MC Beyoncé, and that the affair started at a party. The singer has also revealed that her professional life has undergone changes since she announced her relationship.

“Several people appeared wanting to do commercials, give sponsorships, but I also lost contracts. But we are fulfilled in living what we always dreamed of, without having to hide”, he vented in an interview with the newspaper O Globo.

life on rails

Sagittarius, Brunna started dancing professionally when she was 15 years old. At the time, she participated in dance contests hidden from her mother, who did not support her daughter’s decision. When she passed her first audition, she moved to the United States. But life was not easy: she lived inside a train!

“I lived there for two years, working in a circus”, she said, in an interview with FM radio O Dia “I was a dancer in this circus, and it was a unique experience in my life! I needed to go through it to mature and appreciate things. “

There, according to her, life was very busy. Literally.

“I lived on a train and it traveled all over the United States. Every week, we were in a city. Crazy! Every week, we had to go to the supermarket, hospital, beauty salon? Crazy, but crazy top I’ve had in my life”, he explained.

I start on YouTube

In 2015, Brunna invested in YouTube, and opened a channel focused on makeup, beauty and lifestyle. In the last two years, she has been posting videos about her routine again.


In May of last year, Brunna was announced as the new muse of the samba school Beija-Flor de Nilópolis. At the time, she stated on Instagram:

“My God, I’m going to be the highlight of my favorite school. I can’t believe it”, he said, before telling how he received the news: “They set everything up and I would never have imagined that it was for that. They said: ‘Let’s make a interview with you, telling you where you came from’. I arrived at the Beija-Flor court and everything was simply set up. It was very emotional. They recorded everything. As soon as the video comes out I’ll show you.”

With the confinement on TV Globo reality, plans to parade through the school will need to be postponed if the sister advances in the game. It is worth remembering that, for now, there is no decision by the Scientific Committee to Combat Covid on the parades at Marquês de Sapucaí – a meeting is scheduled for the next 24th of January.

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