Lack of definition to solve specific ‘problem’ causes dissatisfaction in Abel with Palmeiras staff

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The coach has been dissatisfied with the lack of solution on the part of the Palmeirense board


Abel Ferreira has been dissatisfied with the attitude of the Palmeiras staff of not looking for a number 9 shirt to compete in the Club World Cup, which will take place on February 8, in the United Arab Emirates. The information was provided by UOL Esporte, which spoke to people close to the coach, who suggested that the coach understands that the Club is doing everything it can, but that does not prevent him from feeling somewhat frustrated.

The last player that Alviverde tried to sign was Lucas Alario, names like Valentin Taty Castellanos, Kaio Jorge and Yuri Alberto were also consulted, but all refused. In addition to the coach’s frustration, discontent over the refusals also brought dissatisfaction to fans who are repeatedly expressing themselves on social media.

It is worth remembering that in December, the then newly elected president, Leila Pereira, talked to the coach, released a salary increase, made a new contract and promised the arrival of two strong names for the attack before registration for the tournament until then. most important event of the team’s year. In fact, one of the promises was fulfilled with the ‘grace’ arrival of Rafael Navarro, who preferred not to renew with Botafogo and headed to São Paulo, where he signed with Verdão, and will surely fight for a spot in the defensive sector.

But the second appointment remains an unknown, with 10 days left for the registration of the names of the players and only 24 for the long-awaited debut of Palmeiras in the World Cup, the board is running out of time, and nothing is in its favor. Also according to UOL, the 20-year-old Uruguayan promise, Augustín Álvarez do Peñarol, is in the sights of the Palmeiras staff, but is also seen as a distant dream due to the player’s high value, about 13 million dollars, the equivalent of R$ 71 million at the current price, in addition, Atalanta also wants the athlete.

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