Laís, from BBB22, is passionate about animals and has a crush on an ex-BBB | BBB22

– She is a doctor and has a postgraduate degree in Dermatology.

– Born in Crixás, Goiás, he moved to Goiânia at the time of school and, in college, moved to João Pessoa (PB).

– He lost his father just over a month ago and says he is still digesting the trauma. “So far, we don’t understand a little. He went to Belém to celebrate 41 years of graduation. When he got there, he started to feel a little short of breath – he had pulmonary emphysema and was a former smoker -, but he bought a medicine and everything was fine. They went to the beach and, at night, he started to feel sick. From what we understand, he had septic shock”.

Laís is a participant of BBB22 — Photo: personal archive

– Passionate about animals, she even took care of a deer, which appeared sick, and named him Xibiu. She recently took a calf that needed care to live in the back of her house until he was 100%.

– Don’t be without your skincare. Do it every day, without fail, morning and night.

– Has a dream of traveling to Disney.

Laís is a participant of BBB22 — Photo: Ana Clara Puñal

– Loves funk, sertanejo and forró. At the graduation party, he put together some songs he likes and went in dancing: “I wanted to get down to the ground, just the way I am”.

– Loves parties and is one of those who likes to stay until the end of the ride.

– Never had plastic surgery, but she is a fan of aesthetic procedures: “Botulinum toxin, filler, thread and collagen biostimulator”.

– Likes to train and work out from Monday to Friday.

– Has crush on countryman and ex-BBB Rodolffo and actor Caio Castro.

Meet Laís, participant of 'BBB22'

Meet Laís, participant of ‘BBB22’

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