Leader’s room will be inside the house with bar and dance floor

The BBB22 Leader’s bedroom has changed: it’s inside the house and can’t exactly be called a bedroom. With quite an upgrade to better accommodate the power of reality, it can be considered a loft.

The room, which left the lawn, is now on the second floor and even bigger. With this, will the leader be able to receive more guests? Go. Everyone? Of course not. The fact is that the environment has new features for the comfort and fun of the Líder and his VIP group: a living area, bar, dance floor, wardrobe – an unprecedented perk –, dressing room and the now famous tactical table.

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Decor is predominantly blue with neon fluorescent elements. And the long-awaited photo of the leader comes in a new format: it gains the glow of a large LED panel that will display the image of the leader of the week, giving even more pomp to the winner of the time and, of course, causing a little bit of envy in the other confined.

At BBB 22, the leader of the week will have at his disposal a screen to make his own musical selection and, why not, promote an animated review with a select group of guests inside his room.

The feature can be triggered through tokens during the reign week. However, only members of the VIP group can participate in the “little party”.

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Another perk of this year’s leadership is the chance to make a direct bridge of interaction with the public: a live that the almighty can open directly on #RedeBBB, for a limited time, during the warm-up for the leader party. Unique opportunity to strengthen ties with those who follow the program outside the house!

And it’s not over, because the leader will still have as a gift, in addition to the family portraits, a sticker album with striking images of his stay in confinement.

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