Learn how to find out if your Aid Brazil has been approved

The Ministry of Citizenship confirmed the inclusion of more than 2.7 million families in the Brazil aid this January. This group will join those who are already part of the program, totaling about 17 million Brazilians served throughout the country.

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Many of the new beneficiaries still do not know that they have been approved to receive the next installments. While the government is making efforts to communicate with citizens, not everyone should receive the letters informing them of their inclusion.

There is a very simple way to find out if you have been approved for Auxílio Brasil. Just access the program application or Caixa Tem, register and consult the information. Next, see in detail how to do this.

Step by step to consult the Aid Brasil

Brazil Assistance App

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store;
  • Open the tool and click on “Access”;
  • Log in with your Caixa Tem, Caixa Trabalhador, FGTS or Bolsa Família account;
  • If you prefer, tap on “Register”, enter your CPF and create a new account;
  • On the home screen, check whether you have been approved or not.

App Caixa Tem

  • Log in to Caixa Tem;
  • Enter your CPF and password;
  • Click on the typing bar and type “Auxílio Brasil”;
  • Tap the program name;
  • The chatbot will let you know if you’ve been approved.

In case of doubt or lack of internet access, contact the Caixa Customer Service Center at 111.

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