Leonardo reveals cancer discovery and collapses with fatal diagnosis

In the program Hora da Venenosa of the Balanço Geral da Record, there was a speech by Leonardo that was successful.

That’s because the singer told in an interview, that he discovered his brother Leandro’s cancer, on the day that his heir, Zé Felipe, was born. “The singer made a revelation that the day his son was born, Zé Felipe, was the day he received the news that his brother Leandro was sick,” said Gottino about Leonardo.

“And it would be up to him to tell his mother: The sad news is the good news”, continued the presenter of Balanço Geral. “He said he learned that Leandro had cancer on the same day as his son. Zé Felipe was born on April 21, 1998. At the time, no one but the doctors and Leandro and Leo knew about the disease”, continued the presenter.

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So, soon after, a video of Leo came in during the PodCats podcast, a podcast by Virgínia Fonseca, his son’s wife. “When Leandro got sick, when I discovered all of Leandro’s illness, it was the day Zé was born”, declared the artist in short. “Ze was[previsto] for the 7th of May”, explained Leonardo.

“But he anticipated the same day that Leandro began to feel the pain”, explained the artist’s wife, Poliana Rocha. Which was also in the moment of the chat. “The person who gave me the information was Leandro, he said. ‘Leo, I’m going to spoil your party, you’re drinking a cold beer. But you’ll have to leave because your child will be born at 5 am’”, said Leonardo.

“I had to break the news to my mother that she had a wonderful grandson. But that we were going to lose a brother,” said the artist.

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