Linn da Quebrada, from BBB22, faced cancer and has already won math olympics | BBB22

– He was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses until he was 17 years old.

– Won math olympics and scholarship at a private school.

BBB22: Linn da Quebrada in childhood — Photo: reproduction Instagram

– He faced testicular cancer in 2014, at age 23, and was cured three years later.

– Studied and lived with the singer Liniker, in Santo André.

BBB22: Linn da Quebrada with singer Liniker — Photo: reproduction Instagram

– Started his career as a performer and launched his musical career as MC Linn da Quebrada.

– Created a crowdfunding to produce his debut album, “Pajubá”, in 2017, and the campaign exceeded the goal.

– already done feat with Glória Groove, Karol Conká and As Baías.

– Got silicone in early 2021 and cried with emotion at feeling free.

Linn da Quebrada is a participant at BBB22 — Photo: Instagram reproduction

– At the beginning of 2022, she managed to include her social name in the documentation and started to sign Lina Pereira dos Santos.

– Won the Teddy Award for Best Foreign Documentary, in Berlin, with the documentary about his life called “Bixa Travesty”.

Meet Linn da Quebrada, participant of 'BBB22'

Meet Linn da Quebrada, participant of ‘BBB22’

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