Linn da Quebrada is the second trans woman on the show

Linn da Quebrada, 31, joins BBB 22 as Camarote. The 31-year-old artist is the second transsexual to enter the reality show: the first was Ariadna, in 2011. See the list of all participants here.

Born on July 18, 1990, Lina Pereira dos Santos started to be successful in 2017, when she released her first song, “Enviadescer”, a hit that reached the top 5 of Spotify Brazil. At the time, she was known as MC Linn Da Quebrada.

His debut album, “pajubá“, arrived in 2018. The second album arrived in 2021, “Trava Línguas”. Other tracks by the singer were also very successful, such as “Talento”, “Bixa Preta” and “Mulher”.

However, Linn’s skills as an artist are not just from the music business: she was the protagonist of the documentary “Bixa Travesty” by Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla. The title won the 2018 “Best Foreign Documentary” Teddy Award. It also won the “Best Documentary Feature Film Screenplay” award from the ABRA Screenplay Award.

In addition, Linn da Quebrada presents the program “TransMissão”, from Canal Brasil, and is in the cast of the series “Segunda Chamada”, from TV Globo. In 2014, at the age of 23, she faced testicular cancer and managed to heal after three years.

In May 2021, she criticized presenter Pedro Bial and said that the former BBB presenter was transphobic when interviewing former player Ronaldo.

An important voice for the LGBTQIAP+ movement, the artist shared great happiness with fans: in early 2022, she managed to include her social name in all her documentation.

Days later, she shared with her followers her reunion with her father, Lino, in the first week of 2022.

“With you, Lina & Lino. Face to face. After many, many years, more than I can remember, we finally met. 2022 really started with everything!!! in the post next to the father, who appears talking to his daughter in a video.

“I still don’t understand until today how you turned from water to wine”, says Lino, hugging Linn. “See? That’s the mystery”, replied the singer, laughing, before exchanging an “I love you” with her father.

Very present on the networks, Linn da Quebrada publishes excerpts of his songs, outbursts, photos of his boxing training and political positioning. She has already declared her vote for Lula in 2022, if he is a candidate for the presidency of Brazil.

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