LIVE: Meet the participants of ‘BBB 22’; half of the Popcorn has already been revealed

Famous and anonymous people who will be confined in the most watched house in Brazil are already being released

Reproduction / GlobeParticipants of ‘BBB 22’ are announced this Friday, 14

The wait is finally over and this Friday, the 14th, the public will be able to officially meet the participants of the “BBB 22”. The reality show of Globe premieres next Monday, the 17th, and once again it will mix in the most watched house in Brazil famous, who are part of the “Camarote” group, and anonymous, who are part of the “Pipoca” group. One of the novelties of this edition is that it has a new presenter. With the departure of Tiago Leifert from Globo, the journalist Thaddeus Schmidt, who for years commanded “Fantástico”, was chosen to migrate to entertainment and take over the attraction. The new edition of “BBB” has not even aired yet, but it is already a phenomenon on social networks and for days the guesses about who will be on the reality are among the most talked about topics on Twitter. It is worth remembering that Globo reported last Wednesday, 12, that three participants of “BBB 22” tested positive for Covid-19 in the pre-confinement, however none of them should be cut from the game for this reason. Before that, cute, director of the program, denied the rumors that there were withdrawals on the eve of the reality.

Meet the participants of the ‘BBB 22’:

Lais (Popcorn)

Laís, BBB 22

Laís is part of the Pipoca group at ‘BBB 22’ – Source: Disclosure/Globo

The first participant released by Globo is from the Pipoca group. lais is 30 years old, comes from the interior of Goiás, is a doctor and worked on the front line during the pandemic. “I’m going to focus on the game. I am very intense, very true, I like the spotlight, I like to show up, I like to arrive. You can expect a happy girl from me, who will intensely enjoy that house”, said the sister. The postgraduate doctor in dermatology is passionate about animals and has taken care of a deer and taken a sick calf to her home to recover. She’s the type who can’t live without skincare and one of her dreams is to travel to Disney. Laís loves funk, sertanejo and forró and confessed that she has a crush on the singer Rodolfo, who participated in “BBB 21”, and also in the actor Caio Castro.

Luciano (Popcorn)

Luciano, BBB 22

Luciano is part of the Pipoca group at ‘BBB 22’ – Source: Disclosure/Globo

Lucian is another participant who is part of the Pipoca group. He is 28 years old, is from Florianópolis and works as an actor and dancer. “I like to be noticed, to get attention. I did 15 years of classical ballet, I love to dance, so they played an axé, I’m rolling, they played a funk and I’m dancing. I consider myself an extremely handsome guy”, said the brother. The dancer believes he will stand out at parties. For some, he must already be known, as he plays the character Lipe in the videos of the YouTube channel “Gato Galactico”. Luciano has already had a cornea transplant, as he had a disease called keracotone. The actor will not enter the house single. He has been married for eight years to a woman and their relationship was open. It was during this period that he met his current girlfriend. He has a crush on Pabllo Vittar and admires the actors. Lázaro Ramos and Larissa Manoela. Luciano also commented to the production of the program that he had a vision with Pope John Paul II near the basement of his house.

Jessilane (Popcorn)

Jessilane, BBB 22

Jessilane is part of the Pipoca group at ‘BBB 22’ – Source: Disclosure/Globo

Another member of the Pipoca group was released. Jessilane is 26 years old, lives in Valparaíso de Goiás and is a biology teacher. “I started working when I was 14 years old and I haven’t stopped. I’ve done so much in my life and my greatest pride is that I managed to get a master’s degree because my mother always fought for us to be able to study. I want everything, except to leave the program with the name of a plant”, guaranteed the sister. She promises to cause at parties, as she feels like kissing on the mouth after she consumes alcohol. The teacher confessed that she has already sent nudes and once ended up accidentally posting it on WhatsApp status. Jessilane doesn’t know how to keep a secret, she has a collection of panties and her 25 tattoos have a meaning.

Eliezer (Popcorn)

Eliezer, BBB 22

Eliezer is part of the Pipoca group at ‘BBB 22’ – Source: Disclosure/Globo

Another Popcorn of the edition is the designer and entrepreneur Eliezer. He is 31 years old and is from Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, and he emphasized that he is single. “My grandma is the love of my life. I think it’s time for me to repay a little bit for everything she’s done for me all these years”, said the brother, who assured that he will give his all in the competition. “I’ve been attacked by a monkey in Thailand, I’ve been adrift in the Asian sea, so in an endurance test I’ll stay until the end. I have a lot of guts.” The businessman, who is also a backpacker, has visited 36 countries. He did facial harmonization and doesn’t have a comb at home, as he arranges his hair with his hands. The designer’s longest relationship lasted nine years, and now that he’s not engaged, he often uses his skill in the kitchen to try to seduce women. The brother uses the dating app, but only when he’s out of town.

Slovenia (Popcorn)

Slovenia, BBB 22

Slovenia is part of the Pipoca group at ‘BBB 22’ – Source: Disclosure/Globo

Marketing student and model Slovenia is one more member of the group Pipoca. She is 25 years old, was born in João Pessoa, Paraíba, but lives in Caruaru, Pernambuco. “I studied physics, I was the only woman and I saw that as a challenge. I talk a lot, drink a lot, shout a lot, it’s all a lot. I think gossip is different from commenting on things and I’m a good commentator. I’m going there to earn R$ 1.5 million”, said the student. The exotic name of the participant of “BBB 22” was inspired by the political conflicts of the 1990s, her father even wanted her to call her Bosnia-Herzegovina, but her mother did not let her. She was Miss Caruaru, in 2018, and placed sixth in Miss Brazil. The sister loves cachaça and doesn’t mind embarrassing herself at parties. A curiosity is that she was once president of a fan club of the singer Luan Santana. She is also a fan of the physicist Albert Einstein, by the singer anita and the priest Fábio de Melo.

*Note is being updated as participants are announced.

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