Luciano, from BBB22, is a classical dancer and works on a children’s channel | BBB22

– Had keracotone, a disease that impairs vision, and had a cornea transplant.

– Lives in a kitchenette next to her mother’s house.

BBB22: Luciano in his kitchenette where he makes his videos on the internet — Photo: Raíssa Cavaignac/Gshow

– Had a vision of Pope John Paul II near the basement of his house.

– He was married for eight years to a woman, with whom he had an open relationship. He is currently dating another woman he met while he was married.

– She shares three pets with her ex: a stray dog ​​and two cats.

– Danced ballet from 5 to 18 years old.

Luciano is a participant of BBB22 — Photo: Instagram reproduction

– Admires Lázaro Ramos and wants to meet him at BBB.

– Ask people’s birth chart as soon as you meet them.

– Has crush on Pabllo Vitar.

– It was a bartender. At parties, he likes to dance and make drinks for the crowd,

– He loves Florianópolis and would only change cities if he were to live somewhere in California, in the United States.

– He loves Larissa Manoela and admires her as a person.

Meet Luciano, participant of 'BBB22'

Meet Luciano, participant of ‘BBB22’

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