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Lucian He’s the type who dreams big. Coming from a simple family, from Florian贸polis, Santa Catarina, the 28-year-old boy has always wanted better opportunities in life.

馃憖 The son of a single mother and the youngest of three brothers, the actor and dancer says he is very close to the family, he just doesn’t have much contact with another sister, raised by his godmother. Their story serves as an example to face their own difficulties.

鈥淢y mother is from the countryside, my brother is a motoboy, the other one takes his courses. They don’t know what’s beyond that. Because I’m in art, I’m always involved with people from higher classes than I am. I’m also curious. Ever since I was a kid, I thought ‘where I am, this is temporary’鈥, he says.

馃憖 The eye shines when talking about Dona Maria Soeli, mother and faithful companion.

馃憖 She confirms her son’s personality and likes to remember a fact that marked her: when she was 4 years old, Luciano asked to take him to classical ballet.

鈥淗e doesn’t like to dream small. He was very young, he started asking me and I don’t know where he came from鈥.

Luciano is a participant of BBB22 鈥 Photo: Globo

馃Э It was his beginning in art. He danced for 15 years, when it wasn’t common to have boys in class, but being different never bothered him. Quite the opposite. He would hear jokes from friends, but join in the fun and never take any of the provocations seriously.

鈥淚 knew deep down what I wanted to do and most didn’t understand. I don’t pick fights with those who don’t understand, you know?鈥.

馃Э Despite appearing to be a quiet guy 鈥 in his definition, 鈥渁 Cancer, with Leo ascendant and Scorpio influence鈥 鈥 Luciano guarantees that he is vindictive when they cross the line: 鈥淚’m a sweetheart, but don’t step on my callus鈥 .

馃幁 Actor and Influencer 馃摫

馃幀The work as an actor also came about by chance, after an acquaintance of his mother invited him to a performance.

馃幀 Since then, he has taken courses, workshops, plays, dressed up as famous characters at events and, a few months ago, joined the cast of Gato Gal谩ctico, a children’s channel that accumulates more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube.

馃幀 It’s the first work to earn recognition among fans, but he wants more:

鈥淢y thought was always to be very, very famous. That is the goal. I think about taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. Be a presenter, actor, love camera. I also think about being a director.鈥

馃幀 The influencer side also draws attention, even without having a financial return.

馃幀 Shares secrets of his training – since 2018 he underwent a major physical transformation and gained 22 kilos -, talks about relationships and raises the flag of causes he believes in.

鈥淎 lot of people say they like to follow me because I talk about very serious issues, like racism and LGBTQIA+, in a light and ‘nice’ way, without pointing fingers. I’m not here to teach anyone. I talk about things that happen to me and, whether I like it or not, I pass on information.鈥

馃幀With the opportunity to be in the most watched house in Brazil, he knows he’s going to a game and doesn’t measure efforts to reach the final goal: the prize of R$ 1.5 million.

鈥淭his award is mine. When I want something, I get it.鈥

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