Manchester partner pins Cavani and Uruguayan boss


Uruguayan was on Timão’s radar for weeks, but the strategy outlined by Duilio didn’t work

(Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)
(Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

The last few weeks had as one of the main agendas of the ball market, the interest of Corinthians in Cavani. Timão outlined its strategy, however, the Uruguayan striker decided to stay at Manchester United. The Uruguayan striker has a contract with the English club until June 2022, and Corinthians was expecting the contract to be terminated in this window to start negotiations.

However, the news spread around the world of the ball and even at United, Cavani was teased by his possible transfer to Parque São Jorge. Brazilian midfielder Fred, Cavani’s Red Devils teammate, gave an interview to ESPN’s “Bola da Vez” program and revealed that he questioned the Uruguayan: “One of these days I played with him, saying that I had heard something from Corinthians. I said Corinthians, I played with him. He just laughed. He said he still has a contract to fulfill”, declared the player.

Afterwards, Fred stated that if the transfer took place, it would be something unusual: “It would certainly surprise me a lot. [se ele jogasse no Brasil]. I think he should stay with us at least until the end of the season, which is when his contract ends. what a great player he is. It really helps our team, a great striker. It runs a lot for us, for us. South American player, fierce, right? And he’s a guy I want to have him for a lot longer because he’s a guy who helps us a lot”, he concluded.

In an interview with BBC Sports reporter Simon Stone, Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick assured that he hopes to have Cavani until the end of the European season: “We talked for almost half an hour. He told me he will definitely stay (at United). I can count on him to give his best and be a role model for young players.”

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