Marcelo Cohen explains the purchase of Queensberry

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Marcelo Cohen, CEO of BeFly

Marcelo Cohen, CEO of BeFly

BeFly’s CEO, businessman Marcelo Cohen, started 2022 exactly as 2021 ended: buying companies and investing in its Tourism ecosystem, which aims to be the biggest and best in the country. and came to fruition this year, with 100% of the company now under Cohen’s command.

“Queensberry’s bankruptcy is all approved and should take a few more months. The operator is coming back with everything. We are doubling the number of employees, who continue to be led by Martin Jensen and Marco Lourenço, introducing new products, with an eye on the 25+ generation, maintaining and highlighting the company’s flagships… and that fits perfectly into our ecosystem”, explained the businessman to PANROTAS Portal.

According to him, BeFly’s great differential is the ability to cross-selling and up-selling in Tourism, with one business helping, leveraging and complementing the other. And also agility. Cohen is known for being quick with strategies and responses and for not letting opportunities slip by. As with Flytour and Queensberry, two market icons that are now his.

And more stuff is coming. “We want to create a series of benefits and facilities for travel agents, as we did with AgenteCredita, for example. We are buying several disruptive startups, which will join this ecosystem and have an unprecedented technological offer in our sector, a complete platform for agents”, guarantees he, who also negotiates with traditional tourism companies to join BeFly.

The goal for 2022 is bold: to get very close to the R$ 7 billion in 2019 revenue (combining Flytour, Belvitur and Queensberry). In 2021, Belvitur closed the year with 89% of the 2019 turnover and 40% more in profitability. It’s the ecosystem already working.

“We have a dream team that will make this possible. Let’s get to that goal. We started the year well, of course the ômicron puts a brake on travel plans, but we are within the stipulated”, he analyzes, saying that he hired who he wanted and needed for BeFly and that he did not receive a single no.

We look forward to the next steps (and acquisitions) of Cohen and his BeFly. 2022 promises.

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