Maria from ‘BBB22’ became known in music for ‘Acoustic Poetry’ and on TV in ‘Amor de Mãe’ | TV and Series

Baptized as Vitória Nascimento Câmara, the participant of the group Camarote of “BBB22” chose the artistic name of Maria without much explanation. “I say that Mary chose me.”

Asked by g1 in 2020 if the name was not very common and even difficult to find on social media, the actress was not worried. Trust is with herself.

“Some people complain about it, but I think it’s laziness”, he explains, laughing. “Just search my name with the name of the song or piece of lyrics next to it.”

She also debuted as an actress in 2020 in “Mother’s Love”.

She comes from the Cidade Alta community in Rio and interrupted her studies due to violence on the way between home and school. She saw the telenovela as the college she didn’t have: “I’m learning a lot, I try to make the most of everything there”.

Verena (Maria) and Álvaro (Irandhir Santos) in a scene from ‘Amor de Mãe’ — Photo: Globo/Victor Pollak

After five years of auditioning, Maria landed a role on television and soon in a 9am soap opera. “I already thought a lot of ‘responsa’, when I discovered Verena’s plot I was even more scared”, she says.

“At first I doubted my ability, but I think that’s natural for any human being,” he explains. “Now I’m starting to get used to it, I’m playing more, I embraced the stop.”

The character is raped by an ex-boyfriend at the beginning of the soap opera and becomes pregnant. The scene was one of the most striking for the actress: “The next day I was nobody, I was full of bruises all over my body, I had a bad time for two days, with a slump.”

The scene of Verena singing in a bar in the Rio de Janeiro suburb has already happened in real life with Maria. In addition to the theater that she has been doing since the age of seven, she is also a singer and performed in bars in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro with the singer Delacruz.

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It was from this friendship that she participated in the rap collective Poesia Acústica in “Capricorniana”, “Sobre Nós” and “Teu Popô”.

Despite the beginning of rap, Maria told g1 that she really likes the “feminejo” of Maiara and Maraisa, Simone and Simaria and the late Marília Mendonça.

His 2020 releases, however, have gone down a more poppy path and stay away from lyrical militancy. “I want people to enjoy my show to forget about her problems, the boss, the work, I want them to have fun.”

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