Mauro Cezar: ‘The arrival of foreign investors is extremely positive, perhaps the salvation of Botafogo. But you have to be calm’

THE Botafogo with John Textor, an American businessman who acquired the SAF (Sociedad Anónima do Futebol) alvinegra, has everything to change the shelf in Brazilian football. to the commentator Mauro Cezar Pereira, in the frame “Fala, Maurão”, in “UOL Esporte”, the fans have the right to be euphoric.

The journalist highlighted that Botafogo had a good year in 2021, but would have difficult seasons without Textor’s investment. However, he asks the fans for patience not to exaggerate the initial expectations.

– Will they be more peaceful years? Everything indicates that it is, and this arrival of foreign investment should be seen as something extremely positive, perhaps the salvation of Botafogo. However, calm is needed. John Textor does not seem to be one of those investors who arrives to buy the bank, and not to the point of reaching the level of Atlético-MG, palm trees and Flamengo – opined.

– Botafogo has to understand that the arrival of an investor can be the salvation, but it does not necessarily mean that Botafogo will fight at the top. But, certainly, Botafogo should not fight down there. It’s already progress. And then, little by little, season by season, with the support of the fans, who knows, maybe the club can form stronger teams and fight among the main teams in Brazilian football – he added.

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