Meteor is seen over Triângulo Mineiro region – 01/15/2022

It looks like something out of a movie, but it happened: a meteor was spotted in the Patos region, in Minas Gerais. Users on social networks registered the drop last night (14) and its effects. There were no reports of damage from the crash, but residents could feel the impact of the collision.

The phenomenon was seen in Uberlândia, Patos de Minas, Nova Ponte, Santa Juliana, Pedrinópolis and Perdizes. According to reports, the ground shook and a crash could be heard. City security cameras recorded the moment the meteorite fell. The meteor was spotted around 8:53 pm.

“The Earth is bombarded by micro meteors daily”, says Gilberto Dumont, director of the Patos de Minas Astronomy Observatory. Other falls have already been recorded in the region. In May 2020, a glow was seen in the sky near the city of Tiros (MG). In August 2020, a phenomenon considered as a meteor outbreak was recorded by the Observatory. None of the falls caused serious accidents.

“This type of fall is common, a lot of material falls on Earth, but it falls a lot into the oceans, in regions that are not inhabited”, explains Diana Andrade, a professor at the Valongo Observatory, at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), and meteor hunter. “It doesn’t always generate fragments, sometimes out of order, but this one has a chance of having generated some”, he says.

“With the observation of the first images, we saw that it has the characteristics of the entrance of a meteor with an epicenter in the region of the Minas Gerais triangle and Alto Paranaíba”, says Gilberto Dumont. “It’s a meteor because of the characteristics of a luminous phenomenon, but we don’t know where it landed yet”, he adds. The team from the Observatory and Bramon (Brazilian Meteor Observation Network), based on the images, will be able to calculate the region of fall to look for meteorites on the ground.

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