Moro challenges Lula to debate ‘about monthly allowance and petrolão’

Debuting in an election campaign, the presidential candidate for Podemos, Sérgio Moro, became the target of challenges for face-to-face debates. And it has done the same with rivals. The former Lava Jato judge was provoked to debate the reform of the Judiciary by members of the group of lawyers Prerogativas and reacted by calling for a direct confrontation with the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva “at any time, about monthly and petrolão”.

Moro challenged PT in a publication this Friday on his social media.

The disagreement between Moro and Prerogativas, a self-styled group of “progressive” and “anti-lavajatista” lawyers, heated up after the lawyer Marco Aurelius de Carvalho, coordinator of the group, declared that the Podemos candidate’s plan to make changes to the Judiciary causes “astonishment”. Moro called the collective the “lawyers club for impunity” and “corrupt lawyers”.

After this comment by Moro, members of the group maintained the challenge through new publications on social networks, and the former judge refused, returning the invitation to debate with Lula.

The group prerogatives was responsible for organizing a dinner in December 2021, in which ex-president Lula and ex-governor of São Paulo Geraldo Alckmin met for the first time in public after the revelation of a possible ticket with the former toucan. After leaving the PSDB, Alckmin negotiates his affiliation mainly with the PSB and Solidariedade.

After launching a pre-candidate for Podemos, Moro has exchanged barbs with the also pre-candidate for the Presidency Ciro Gomes (PDT). In December 2021, during an interview with MyNews, Moro said that he would not participate in debates with Ciro without the opponent changing his “offensive and aggressive stance”. In a live on the YouTube channel, Ciro responded to the comment: “He does not want to debate with me because I will say that he is corrupt”, he said.

The nudges on the topic extend. The president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who only participated in two debates in the 2018 elections, told supporters that Moro “can’t handle 10 seconds of debate.” In response, the former judge said that Bolsonaro is afraid of not being able to get re-elected and, therefore, is “deflecting people’s focus” with offenses.

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