Moro refuses invitation to debate with Prerogativas lawyers

Former judge Sergio Moro used social media this Friday 14th to say that he does not accept the invitation presented by Grupo Prerogativas for a debate on the justice system in Brazil.

“I see that the club of lawyers for impunity wants to debate. Sorry, but this is a club I don’t want to join. But I debate with your boss, Lula, at any time, about the monthly allowance and petrolão”, said the former judge.

sooner, contact Capital Letter, lawyer Marco Aurélio de Carvalho, coordinator of Prerogativas, reinforced the invitation to Moro, but said he doubted that the former minister of Jair Bolsonaro had the “courage and public spirit” to accept.

In an interview with Look published this Friday, Moro accuses Prerogativas of working “for the impunity of the corrupt”. According to the ex-judge, declared a suspect by the Federal Supreme Court in cases against former President Lula (PT), “these same lawyers claim some kind of ethics, some kind of moral superiority in relation to the Public Ministry and in relation to to the judges who participated in these cases, but deep down, the shame is on them.”

For Carvalho, Moro should “give an account of the crimes he committed at the head of Lava Jato”, in addition to having shamed “the robe and the judiciary and compromised the credibility of our justice system”.

“He didn’t just dishonor the toga. When he started to serve, as Minister of Justice, the president he helped to elect, he got blood on his hands. And it has direct responsibility for each of the 630,000 deaths that Brazil mourns today because of the criminal actions and omissions of this government in the fight against the pandemic”, added the lawyer.

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