Motorola Edge 30 Ultra has Smart Stylus pen, Folio cover and its leaked features

Several leaks have already shown some specifications of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, but today we will see something else from this device: its accessories, which were leaked in documentation by XDA Developers. In them we notice a Smart Stylus pen and an Ultra Folio cover to store it with the device.

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10 Jan

Starting with the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Smart Stylus, it is an accessory that connects to the cell phone via Bluetooth and supports the use of gestures without touching the device and even as an air mouse on external monitors with the integrated button for media control.

In addition, the stylus pen still supports wireless charging, so it is very similar to the one compatible with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which also supports several features.

The source also says that when the pen is connected to the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra a bubble is displayed on the screen, indicating if it is charging and can be used to show which applications are supported for use with it.

Ultra Folio Case for Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

The second part of the leaked documentation shows the Ultra Folio cover for the Edge 30 Ultra. It basically reveals the rear triple camera module, a compartment to accommodate the Smart Stylus pen that is still capable of detecting when the pen is removed from it, activating Bluetooth and even automatically opening an app.

The front area of ​​the cover has a central strip where the screen can show notifications, shortcuts to launch applications and indicators of battery status, time, date and more information about the smartphone.

It is not yet clear when Motorola will launch these accessories, but it is highly likely that they will hit the market soon after the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is released.

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