Netflix releases this week (1/14/2021)

January continues with a lot of news on Netflix. In the second week of the year, streaming closes on Friday with a lot of new series, new movies, documentaries, animated films, new drama episodes and seasons that have just come out of the oven to complete your weekend marathon. .

As usual, the Canaltech comes with that list with six amazing tips for you to look carefully and enjoy your subscription in the best possible way. So take your place on the couch, prepare the popcorn and choose your favorite titles. In the end, all you have to do is play!

Starting the list with the series, the third season of Operation Ectasy is already among us. After the explosive events of Season 2, we follow Bob getting fired from the police department while Ferry is released, but nothing is going all that well: Bob has a possible prison sentence on him, while Ferry’s place at the top of XTC has been taken by a new gang, stronger and smarter. The series is 100% suitable for those who enjoy lively and action-packed plots, with a high police content.

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Continuing with the series, there are also new episodes of After Life, starring Ricky Gervais, who plays Tony: a journalist who goes into crisis when his wife dies of cancer. As he struggles with grief, Tony begins to realize that making other people feel good can be a source of hope and a reason to stay alive. It’s a series that mixes drama and comedy a lot, oscillating between a more contemplative mood and a more moving content.

In addition to new seasons, there are also brand new series that have hit the catalog for you to update your list: File 81 It is totally suitable for those who enjoy a horror plot, especially those supernatural stories. Born out of a podcast, the show revolves around archivist Dan Turner as he takes a mysterious job restoring damaged videotapes from 1994. On the job, he realizes he’s reconstructing director Melody Pendras’ investigative documentary about a dangerous sect. From there, the series is told in two timelines and they establish a shocking connection between the two, even if they are 25 years apart.

To close the list of titles with episodes, there is also the documentary series Cheer, which won subscribers with its first season in 2020. This time, fame threatens to alter the dynamics of Torcida Navarro, but the team soon realizes that the persecution of the press is nothing in the face of the obstacles imposed by the covid-19 pandemic and a serious accusation against one of its members. The new season also follows Navarro’s biggest rival: Trinity Valley College. Like her, they have a charismatic coach and new stars with battles, victories and stories that go far beyond the choreography: the stakes are higher than ever.

Getting into the movies Indecent has a plot that fans of investigation and crime stories should check out. Here we follow a writer named Grace, who, upon returning to her family’s home in Washington, DC, is faced with a tragedy: her sister has been murdered. As if that wasn’t enough, the police reveals that the girl still made erotic videos on the internet. Stubborn and quite willing to find out the truth, she goes after clues alone, ignoring all the guidelines of the detectives involved in the case.

Concluding the nominations, it is also worth mentioning the debut of The origin of the world, a French film that has just landed on streaming. With an approach that flirts with acid humor, here we meet Jean-Louis, a man whose heart has literally stopped beating but lives on as a normal human. Between bizarre situations and occasions accompanied by family and friends, Jean lives the most diverse madness, but always aware of how her life can end from one moment to the next.

Those were the tips Canaltech for you to enjoy the week’s releases on Netflix. However, the complete list with all the news can be found below. Check out!

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