New Amarok 2023 appears again in teaser in Europe

New Amarok 2023 appears again in teaser in Europe

The New Amarok 2023 won another teaser and this time, it has more details to reveal. The next generation of the average pickup sold in the national market will be bigger and more robust than the current one.

At 5.35 m in length, it will also be wider, going from 1.95 m to 1.99 m. In this way, it is expected to better meet the requirements of the markets in which it will be sold.

Obviously one of them will be Brazil, but only after the end of the Argentine model or living with it for some time, since General Pacheco will not make this new generation.

The preference there should be with the smaller and cheaper Tarok, which will end up centralizing most of VW’s pickup truck sales in Brazil and Mercosur.

However, Tarok should not use an EA189 2.0 TDI to rival Toro Diesel, although such a combination is technically possible.

Thus, the VW customer will have to opt for the old Amarok (if he wants a diesel) until its end or go for the new generation, which will have its EA897 3.0 TDI duly ready to deliver more than 260 horsepower.

New Amarok 2023 appears again in teaser in Europe

Nova Ranger is also expected to use this VW engine in place of the British Power Stroke in certain markets.

The question is about the transmission, which in the case of the EA897 is associated with the ZF 8HP. At Ranger, the predominant transmission will be the 10-speed GM-Ford.

In cheaper versions, the New Amarok 2023 can have the EA288 2.0 TDI, more modern and less controversial than the EA189, the pivot of the Dieselgate.

With production confirmed for South Africa, the New Amarok 2023 will not win an assembly line outside the African country, at least that’s what is known at the moment.

Made in a US$ 1 billion plant, the Nova Amarok 2023 should be shipped to all continents, unlike the Nova Ranger manufactured there, which should even supply Europe.

USA, Argentina and Thailand will produce it as well.

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