Newborn is saved from choking after Samu Ceará service by phone

January 14, 2022 – 5:44 pm
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Samu 192 Ceará Communications Office
Text: Mariane Dantas
Photograph: Tatiana Fortes/Gov. from Ceará

Doctor on duty instructed the baby’s uncle to perform the Heimlich maneuver, a technique recommended in choking situations

On Thursday night (13), around 10 pm, the Samu Emergency Regulation Center 192 Ceará, in Juazeiro do Norte, was called to respond to a occurrence of choking in newborn.

The child, a boy just one day old, was with the compromised vital signs after choking from breastfeeding. The doctor on duty and coordinator of the Juazeiro do Norte Central, Marco Rulim, attended to the event and provided the first guidelines so that the family could make the heimlich maneuver, standard procedure in cases of this type.

With the guidance and follow-up of the doctor, over the phone, the child’s uncle was able to perform the maneuver correctly, clearing the little one’s airways.. A Service vehicle arrived at the scene immediately, continuing the service and ensuring baby’s health.

“This brings us a moment of great happiness, for being able to reach the goal, to bring this child back from a stop [cardiorrespiratória]. The entire team that was on duty was very emotional, very emotional. Every life we ​​save is a reason to celebrate,” says Rulim.

Respecting the wishes of the family, the identities of the child and their family members will be preserved.


The first aid technique is commonly used in cases of choking emergencies, caused by a piece of food or something that gets stuck in the airway, preventing breathing. In the maneuver, the hands are used to put pressure on the diaphragm, which causes a forced cough, expelling the foreign body from the lungs.

Check out the full audio of the service *

*The release of the audio was authorized by the family.

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