Novorizontino bets on the counterattack and eliminates Grêmio da Copinha – 01/14/2022

With a great performance at Zezinho Magalhães, in Jaú, Novorizontino beat Grêmio 2-1 today (14). The victory, with goals from Bertuol and Cauã Santos in the first half, guaranteed the São Paulo team in the round of 16 of Copinha. Cuiabano discounted, shortly after the break, for Tricolor, which was eliminated with the setback.

Tigre’s opponent in the next phase will be América-MG, which, on penalties, passed Falcon after the 1-1 draw in normal time. The round of 16 duel should take place this Sunday (16).

Deadly Novorizontino on the counterattack

The São Paulo club had a great first half and brought more danger to Grêmio than it was threatened. Bertuol hit low from outside the area and the ball took paint off the post in the 12th minute. Eight minutes later, it was Diego Rodrigues’ turn to cross to Cauã Santos, who headed straight for the goal. Archer Thiago Beltrame stretched out to avoid the goal. On the rebound, David Benjamim broke through and missed another great opportunity to open the scoring.

Tricolor tested pressure in the middle of the first stage and created good plays with Cuiabano. The left side hit a dangerous foul at 24 and, at 33, put it on Kevin’s head, stopping only in the hands of goalkeeper João Vitor.

However, the best moment of the gaucho team ended up generating the goal of the paulistas. Rômulo pulled the counterattack from the right and, almost in the small area, rolled to Bertuol. In a very dubious position, the player appeared alone and only had the job of pushing to the net on 34 minutes. Four minutes later, Cauã Santos, also on the right, risked a left-handed firecracker and hit the angle to widen the score.

Exchange that works

At halftime, midfielder Velasco replaced striker Kauan Kelvin. The change gave a quick response and, after 4 minutes, Tricolor managed to discount. Kaká played for Cuiabano in the area. The player filled his foot to reduce the handicap.

The goal reassured Immortal, who started to play the ball more in the offensive field in search of the second. What didn’t change was the participation of Cuiabano, who continued as Grêmio’s protagonist in the second stage. At 26, he hit from outside the area and hit the left corner of the goal. Goalkeeper João Vitor deflected and even counted on the help of the beam to avoid what would be a tie.

At 34, Tricolor reached six changes, making three changes at once, to try some reaction in the final minutes. The changes made Grêmio dominate the offensive field, betting mainly on balls raised in the area. The alternative almost worked out at 37, when the archer João Vitor completely missed the ball’s timing in a free-kick. However, Grêmio’s attack did not take the opportunity to draw.

The interior of São Paulo also took advantage of the final minutes and made three substitutions, taking the opportunity to give new gas and stop the game even more at 42. The strategy worked and guaranteed the classification of the team to the round of 16 of Copinha.

repeated training

Tricolor’s under-19 team, led by Luís Eduardo, had exactly the same starting line-up of the 2-0 victory over Santa Cruz in the second phase. The team played well, but Novorizontino took better advantage of the chances they had and took the vacancy, Grêmio, who had conceded only one goal in the first four games (in the defeat to XV de Jaú), took two and was eliminated.

The Grêmio players who were on the field are: Thiago Beltrame; Lucas Kawan, Gustavo Martins, Gustavo Marins and Cuiabano; Pedro Cuiabá (Ronald), Rubens (Arthur Viana), Gabriel Silva (Hiago) and Kaká (Zinho); Kauan Kelvin (Mateo Velasco) and Kevin (Messias Teixeira).

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