Palmeiras gives guidelines to the squad on the Club World Cup

With the largest number of athletes available for the first time in the pre-season after the Covid-19 outbreak that still kills the squad, the palm trees started work on the morning of this Friday (14th) giving guidance on the internal regiment and, mainly, on the Club World Cup, which will be played in February, in the United Arab Emirates.

As a result of this activity, the squad from Palmeiras slept at the Football Academy, as a way of preparing for the routine that the club will have in the Arab country.

Then, already on the lawn of the Verdão training center, commander Abel Ferreira improved ball outputs, markings, specific movements and positioning, among other fundamentals.

In the first activity, the line players, divided into teams, worked on ball possession, marking and reasoning. Meanwhile, the goalkeepers trained separately with coaches Rogério Godoy and Thales Damasceno.

In the second activity, with the archers and also in reduced dimensions, the group improved ball exits from the goalkeepers, different types of markings, corners, lateral fouls (both defensive and offensive aspects), among other actions.

Even before the end, some athletes perfected free kicks and penalties, also with an eye on the World Cup.

Verdão will play again on Saturday (15), when they will have two training games at the Academy: at 9:30 am, against Juventus, and at 4:30 pm, against Primavera. Sunday will be off.

The official debut of the season will be on the 23rd, against Novorizontino, at 4 pm, in Novo Horizonte (SP), for the Campeonato Paulista.


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