Palmeiras says that Leverkusen gave up on negotiating Alario and the search for a striker continues

Bayer Leverkusen, from Germany, gave up on Friday afternoon (14) from continuing negotiations for Argentine striker Lucas Alario with the palm trees.

THE THROW! found that Verdão received as an answer from the Europeans that the release of Alario to play in Brazil is unfeasible for the time necessary for them to find a replacement to occupy his place in the squad.

The report raised that the alviverde team reached an agreement with Leverkusen to get the release. But there was a change of heart this Friday and so the Argentine will not be the dreamed forward requested by coach Abel Ferreira since the end of last season.

People from the board guarantee that all the demands made by the German club and the athlete have been fulfilled. There was carte blanche from President Leila Pereira to pay whatever was asked, under the conditions that were required.

One of Leverkusen’s points was that Palmeiras should wait for the German transfer window to close. But the club is in a hurry to define the squad for the Club World Cup.

according to L! revealed this Friday morning, Leverkusen refused Palmeiras’ move to have Alario on loan until the end of the year.

According to the report, the Palmeiras proposal provided for the payment of an undisclosed amount to have the 29-year-old Argentine by the end of 2022, with an option for a stipulated fixed amount of 8.5 million euros (approximately R$ 54 million) for the definitive purchase of the athlete after this period.

Verdão believed that they had achieved the most difficult thing, which was to have settled salary bases and convinced the Argentine to play in Brazil.

In the club’s first poll, last year, Alario showed no interest. This time, however, Palmeiras showed the former River Plate player that he would play in prominent competitions, such as the Club World Cup and Copa Libertadores, and that he has Abel’s support and admiration.

Revealed by Colón, Alario gained prominence at River, where he participated in the conquest of the 2015 Copa Libertadores and played in that year’s World Cup for the Argentines. It was sold to the Germans two years later for 25 million euros (approximately R$158.29 million today).

Starting at the beginning of his time at Leverkusen, being the team’s top scorer, this season Alario has often not been on the bench. Altogether in the year there were only 16 matches played and one goal scored.

Before having a low income, the Argentine even renewed his contract at the beginning of the current European season until 2024. At the time, the Germans refused a loan proposal made by him from Betis, from Spain.

In the view of football director Anderson Barros, the arrival of a number 9 would once and for all close the Verdão squad for the intercontinental competition, an absolute priority in the first half. For the defense, another priority request of Abel, Palmeiras confirmed the hiring of Murilo, on Wednesday morning (12).

The club signed at the beginning of the season for the position Rafael Navarro, who came for free after the end of his contract with Botafogo. And now he’s running out of time to find a new number 9, as FIFA’s deadline for registering the squad that will compete in the World Cup ends on the 24th.


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