‘Partygate’: British premier’s office kept happy hour on Fridays during lockdown, says newspaper | World

The British newspaper ‘The Mirror’ reported this Saturday (15) that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office continued to hold a happy hour every Friday even during periods of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The news adds to other revelations of the kind in recent days, which put in check the premier’s permanence in office (understand the “partygate” crisis further down).

The publication claims that the cabinet’s employees maintained the “long-standing tradition” of ending the week with a moment of celebration washed down with wines. Meetings like this, however, were banned in the UK during the peaks of contamination by Covid-19. The paper adds that officials invested in a new refrigerator to keep drinks chilled and that the prime minister was aware of the informal meetings being held.

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A spokesman for Downing Street, the official residence, indicated that an internal investigation is under way to determine whether Johnson and his collaborators have violated the rules in force in the country on different occasions and which the government is now accused of having violated.

Boris Johnson speaks to the British Parliament on January 12, 2022 — Photo: Reuters TV

The partygate has become the worst government crisis since the conservative’s arrival in office in July 2019. On Wednesday (12), Boris Johnson apologized to Parliament for having attended a party in May 2019. 2020, claiming that he thought the meeting would be a work meeting.

Since then, however, the list of untimely events has only grown, such as a party held in Downing Street – without Johnson present – ​​on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. On the occasion, Queen Elizabeth II attended the funeral. of her husband alone in the chapel at Windsor Castle, in an image that reflected the strictness of the lockdown in force at that time.

The anger provoked by the case embarrasses even conservatives. According to ‘The Mirror’, the prime minister’s most loyal allies were called upon to publicly praise his achievements, such as Brexit, to prevent the fall of the head of government as a result of the case.

  • Email reveals that Boris Johnson organized a party during quarantine

Labor leader is also targeted

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer is calling for Johnson’s resignation. “We are witnessing the sad spectacle of a prime minister sunk in deception and deceit, unable to govern,” he said in a speech on Saturday.

Starmer, however, has been accused of hypocrisy, as pictures were released of him drinking a beer with a small group of Labor Party collaborators in an office last May, when meetings in closed spaces were banned except in professional situations. . When the images were published, the party declared that the leader had not broken any rules because he was “in a workplace”.

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