Patients would all be mixed up according to Pregnant

According to her, patients with suspected covid would be together with the others. Secretary denies.

A pregnant woman who is hospitalized at the Nossa Senhora de Nazareth Mother and Child Hospital reported to FolhaBV that one of the doctors who was attending to patients on Thursday, the 13th, had symptoms of covid-19. In addition, she said that all patients are mixed, facilitating the spread of the disease.

??Yesterday we had an appointment at the block and the doctor had symptoms of covid-19. We only learned today that she was contaminated. So everyone else she saw could be sick too. What makes us indignant the most is that she knew she had symptoms and even then she saw several people??, he reported.

The pregnant woman also said that she asked the doctor to take a test for covid-19, but was informed that it would not be possible because she had to have symptoms of the disease to take the exam. ??In here, everyone is mixed up, people who are healthy with people who have covid-19, pneumonia. I asked to take the test and she refused, the doctor who had covid-19 denied me the exam. Is this very wrong??, he lamented.

In a note, the Health Department reported that the doctor in question was removed from her duties. ??The direction of the Maternity Care is concerned with the stability of the physical and emotional health of each employee and upon becoming aware of this type of situation, the protocol is the removal of the professional for the necessary time and according to medical evaluation, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding the quarantine of infected people, in force until then in the State??, says the note.

The note also informs that as a way of guaranteeing the protection of the entire professional staff of the Materno Hospital, important inputs for the prevention of contamination, such as face masks, 70% alcohol and gel, which are indispensable for servers, have been made available in the unit. in working period.

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