Paula commits an atrocity with Baby and destroys her engagement

Paula (Giovanna Antonelli) will put her feet in her hands in How Much More Life, Better!. After suffering a cowardly sabotage and seeing her company’s credibility go up in the air, the dondoca will take all her anger out on her fiancé, Neném (Vladimir Brichta). The player will not leave rudeness cheap and will end their engagement in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

The businesswoman will be excited about the launch of a new line of creams from Cosméticos Terrare. However, she will not even imagine that Marcelo (Bruno Cabrerizo) and Carmem (Julia Lemmertz) will have exchanged the items for adulterated goods.

Flávia (Valentina Herszae) will even try to warn her “new mommy”, but she will be late. Ingrid’s mother (Nina Tomsic) will be in terrible shame. As if that weren’t enough, Giovanna Antonelli’s character will be induced to believe that the pole dancer participated in the coup and will treat her like dirt.

At the chapter scheduled to air on January 25, the rich girl will be a beast and will attack Baby mercilessly after going through all this stress. However, the ace will not put up with the humiliation and will say: “For me, that’s enough”.

The More Life, the Better! premiered in place of the rerun of Pega Pega (2017). The plot written by Mauro Wilson, a newcomer to the world of soap operas, has already been recorded because of the security protocols adopted by Globo as a result of the pandemic and which slow down the production process.

The serial will be on the air until May. Next, the station will air Cara e Coragem, by author Claudia Souto. The plot will address the universe of stuntmen and will be starring Paolla Oliveira and Marcelo Serrado.

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