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Ten people who were on a boat died last Saturday (8)

The Civil Police informed, at a press conference this Friday (14), that 17 people have already been heard in the investigation that investigates what caused the fall of the wall of a canyon in Capitólio, in the south of Minas. The accident, on Saturday (8), killed ten people who were on a speedboat. According to delegate Marcos Pimenta, the intention is not to look for culprits, but to understand what happened.

“The focus is to look for answers and not culprits to prevent other signs from falling. If there was a human and responsible action that was not in line with their responsibilities, or someone or institution, they will be held responsible. The report must be ready in 30 or 40 days, but the investigation has not yet been scheduled to be completed.


According to the delegate, the investigations began on a cliff, extending to the accident site, where the rock debris and bodily segments were in the water.

“We did initial work close to the MG-050, from top to bottom. We went down the cliff and went to the place where there was wreckage, and Fire and Navy looking for victims. Afterwards, we went to a nautical club near the dam, where we created an information exchange group, avoiding communication failures between the institutions. Everyone worked seriously, aiming to provide a quick response”, said Marcos Pimenta. In this group, the families received the news about the accident before the press, since the episode involved tourists from different states.

According to the delegate, the Civil Police works with geologists to determine whether the partial fall of the canyon is related to human activity or whether it was a natural movement of the rock.

“The plates, from pangea and earthmoving, will fall naturally. What may have happened is whether or not there was action by third parties to accelerate the fall. If anyone is responsible, he will be indicted and forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. If it is confirmed that there was not, a study by a geologist is interesting. We are not looking for culprits, we want clarification of the facts. It could be the action of the rain, of a highway, but the stones will fall in the natural movements and nothing more interesting than geologists to put the cause of the falls”, concluded Marcos Pimenta.

A police investigation will also be carried out in relation to the duties of the Navy, which, according to him, is offering the Civil Police all the support on the vessels.

“There is a great exploitation of tourism and it needs responsibility to be exploited. The important thing is for a technician in the area to respond”, he concluded.


Seventeen people have already been heard in the inquiry. This morning, the delegate heard three testimonies from the same family to gather new information.

The mayors of Capitólio and São José da Barra have also been heard. The owner of an establishment, near the Canyons of Furnas, has Covid-19, but was represented by his lawyer, who presented the documentation of the place. The establishment is temporarily closed.

According to delegate Marcos Pimenta, even if the documentation is irregular and the investigations do not point to any indication as to the cause of the accident, no one can be held responsible for the tragedy.

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