Pedro Scooby, from BBB22, has already recorded a song with Arlindo Cruz and loves to ride horses | BBB22

– Born and raised in Curicica, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, he currently lives in Portugal.

– Surfed for the first time at age 5, with his father.

– The nickname Scooby comes from childhood, when friends called him that because he talks fast and looks like the dog from the cartoon “Scooby-Doo”.

– He has three children with actress Luana Piovani and has the children’s names tattooed on his chest: Liz, Bem and Dom.

BBB22: Pedro Scooby has three children with actress Luana Piovani — Photo: Instagram

– He set up a skateboard rink as a gift for his kids in his backyard.

– Arlindo Cruz composed “O surfista e o sambista” for him. Pedro even shares the vocals of the song with the singer.

– He loves to ride a horse: “At 5 years old, surfing came into my life and, at 6, came the horse”.

BBB22: Pedro Scooby likes to ride horses — Photo: Instagram reproduction

– He had an accident in Nazaré in 2017, which left him with a scar on his head, which is visible whenever he shaves his hair.

– He has a vegetable garden at home and shares the care of the plants with his wife, actress and model Cintia Dicker.

BBB22: Pedro Scooby shares the care of the garden with his wife, model Cintia Dicker – Photo: reproduction Instagram

– He commanded the program “Pedro vai pro mar”, on Canal OFF, where he showed his life surfing giant waves around the world.

Meet Pedro Scooby, participant of 'BBB22'

Meet Pedro Scooby, participant of ‘BBB22’

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