Pedro Scooby surfs 20m waves in Nazaré before entering BBB 22; watch! | surfing

Before entering the confinement of Big Brother Brasil 22, Pedro Scooby enjoyed the last hours of freedom doing what he loves most: surfing giant waves. And they were true walls of water in Nazaré, Portugal, where the biggest waves in the world are.

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Get to know the trajectory of Pedro Scooby, a surfer confirmed in Big Brother Brasil 22

Get to know the trajectory of Pedro Scooby, a surfer confirmed in Big Brother Brasil 22

The athlete took advantage of a swell, a set of good swells that reach the coast after storms in the ocean, to fall into the water last weekend. The waves were 20 meters high.

Pedro Scooby in action in Nazaré in December — Photo: Disclosure

– It was intense, with days of giant waves in Nazaré. Because of work, I said a bad goodbye to my family, I ended up spending little time with them. I still managed to go home later and sleep with the kids. And my wife also came here to spend these days in Nazaré with me – said Pedro Scooby.

After surfing in Nazaré last weekend, Pedro Scooby needed difficult logistics to run out of Portugal and face 17 hours of travel to reach Brazil and enter the confinement of the BBB.

A freesurfer adept, Scooby had an eventful season. In December, he took the highest score and the outstanding award of the competition in the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge, organized by the World Surf League. The wave was touted as one of the biggest of 2021.

– Now the expectation is to relax because it was an intense season for me, I think it was one of the best seasons of my life. I lived historic moments. Now it’s time to go there and relax. And live there intensely what is to come.

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