“Play the video in Cruzeiro’s locker room”; President of Retro provokes in the ‘tough face’ and sings victory in Copinha


Laércio Guerra provoked Raposa ahead of time before this Saturday’s duel (15) which is worth a spot in the round of 16 of the São Paulo Junior Football Cup

Photo: Reproduction/Youtube - President of Retrô-PE assures that he will pass through Cruzeiro at Copinha
Photo: Reproduction/Youtube – President of Retrô-PE assures that he will pass through Cruzeiro at Copinha

While the professional team builds its squad little by little after the entry of Ronaldo Fenômeno as the club’s majority partner, the boys from cruise compete in the traditional São Paulo Junior Football Cup. So far, Raposa is guaranteed in the third phase without having conceded a single goal. This Saturday (15), the celestial team faces Retrô-PE and there are already people teasing on the other side.

President and owner of Retrô-PE, Laércio Guerra guaranteed the classification of his club against Raposa in a video released on social networks. What’s more, the top hat insisted that his message reached “the Cruzeiro dressing room”.

“I’m going to take Cruzeiro and I’m going to win, you can write it down there. Tomorrow night, I’m classified. I’m saying it in advance. You can even play this video of mine in the Cruzeiro locker room, which I’ll show. No problem. I’m saying it before “, said Laércio in a tone of pure provocation.

The curious thing is that Retrô and Cruzeiro have already faced each other in the current edition of the so-called Copinha, in the group stage, and the score was 2 to 0 for the celestials. The duel of these Saturdays takes place in Itapira from 19h (Brasilia time).

Since 1969, the date of the first edition of Copinha, Cruzeiro is one of the giants of Brazil that have already lifted the cup in the competition. It happened in 2007, under the command of Enderson Moreira – Raposa beat São Paulo in the penalty shootout.

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