Queiroga says Doria makes a stand with government vaccines: ‘Paulistas deserve someone better’

In a post on Twitter, the Minister of Health said that the governor uses artifice to try to pass 3% in polls; 8-year-old indigenous person was immunized in a symbolic event in the State of São Paulo

ANTONIO MOLINA/PHOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENTOn the eve of Christmas, Queiroga and Doria had already discussed childhood vaccination on social media.

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, used social networks, this Friday, 14, to attack the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB). Earlier, the toucan started immunizing children aged between 5 and 11 in the country – the indigenous Davi Seremrámiwe, 8 years old, of the Xavante ethnicity, was the first Brazilian to receive the vaccine pfizer, in a symbolic event at Hospital das Clínicas. Another seven children in the priority group were immunized. The National Health Surveillance Agency (anvisa) approved the application of the vaccine by the American pharmaceutical company on December 16, but the first doses were only delivered to the States this Friday.

“Politician João Doria underestimates the population. He has the vaccines of the Brazilian government and the Brazilian people in hand on the platform. Do you think this will get you out of the 3%. Give up! Your marketing will not change the face of your management. The Paulistas deserve someone better. Pediatric vaccines arrived in Brazil in record time! Soon after authorization from the regulatory agency, the pharmaceutical company began to produce the doses and ensured that this was the best possible schedule. The Ministry of Health guarantees that all parents who want to vaccinate will have vaccines.

At the event in São Paulo, Doria classified the beginning of the immunization of children as a “historic moment”. “Practically a year ago, on January 17th, we vaccinated the first Brazilian person here, the nurse Mônica Calazans. This was the nurse who gave Monica the vaccine. And Jessica will also give the first vaccine in Brazil to a child, who is this young man, from the Xavante ethnic group, the first Brazilian child to receive the Pfizer vaccine for his immunization. It is a historic moment for Brazil. In the same place, at Hospital das Clínicas, where we vaccinated a black female nurse, Monica, on January 17, almost a year later, we are vaccinating the first child, of the Xavante ethnicity, who is being treated here in São Paulo , lives in Piracicaba, and is here to receive the vaccine”, said the toucan.

As Jovem Pan showed, this is not the first time that Queiroga and Doria have exchanged barbs due to the vaccination of children. On the eve of Christmas, the Minister of Health said that the number of deaths among children did not imply “emergency decisions” by the Bolsonaro government. The toucan replied: “There is no acceptable level of deaths for children, Marcelo Queiroga. That’s a crime. Vaccines save children and adults. They even save the crazy denialists.” In response, the minister said that the governor’s management was “mediocre”.

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Anvisa authorized the application of the Pfizer vaccine to children aged 5 to 11 years on December 16, but the Bolsonaro government resisted starting the vaccination campaign for children. On the same day, President Jair Bolsonaro said, in his weekly live, that he would disclose the name of the technicians of the body responsible for the decision. “I asked, unofficially, for the name of the people who approved the vaccine for children from five years old, we want to disclose the name of these people so that everyone knows who these people are and obviously forms their judgment”, he said. The head of the federal Executive also defended the obligation of medical prescription to immunize children. By Queiroga’s decision, the Ministry of Health held a public consultation to define the campaign guidelines. On the 4th, the Extraordinary Secretary for Combating Covid-1, Rosana Leite de Melo, announced that most of the just over 99,000 people interviewed were against the prescription requirement and the mandatory vaccination.

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