Real estate funds close fourth session in a row and end the week with gains of 0.84%

The IFIX – index that gathers the most traded funds on the Exchange – closed the session this Friday (14th) up 0.66%, at 2,782 points. It was the fourth increase in a row for the indicator, which ends the week with gains of 0.88%.

This Friday’s session (14th) was marked by the largest battery of dividend distribution from real estate funds in January. Almost 200 FIIs deposit earnings for shareholders today. Of the total, 55 are part of Ifix.

According to analysts, the monthly distribution of dividends is one of the main attractions of real estate funds. In addition to allowing for recurring income, the feature is tax-exempt.

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In 2021, some real estate funds showed a return with dividends – without considering the share appreciation – of up to 18%, as was the case with Urca Prime Renda (URPR11).

Today, the dividends that will be distributed range from R$0.07 to R$2.75, an amount that will be paid by the CSHG Real Estate (HGRE11). The amount is equivalent to a monthly dividend return of 2.02%. All the details of the “Super Friday” you can check along the FII Center.

Biggest highs this Friday (14):

tickerNameSectorVariation (%)
BCFF11BTG Pactual Fund of FundsTitles and Val. Mob.5.73
RCRB11Rio Bravo Corporate IncomeCorporate Slabs4.51
AIEC11Autonomy BuildingsCorporate Slabs3.17
XPML11XP Mallsmalls2.75
HGRE11CSHG Real EstateCorporate Slabs2.33


Biggest casualties of this Friday (14):

tickerNameSectorVariation (%)
HSLG11HSI LogisticsLogistics-2.38
FIGS11General Shoppingmalls-1.04
MCCI11Mauá CapitalTitles and Val. Mob.-0.82
KFOF11Kinea FoFTitles and Val. Mob.-0.71
DEVA11DevantTitles and Val. Mob.-0.59

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HSI Malls confirms purchase of Paralela mall, in Bahia, and tenants delay rent of FII Torre Norte

Check the latest information released by real estate funds in relevant facts:

HSI Malls (HSML11) confirms the purchase of part of the Paralela mall, in Salvador.

In a statement to the market this Thursday (13), the HSI Malls fund announced the conclusion of the purchase of 51% of Shopping Paralela, in Salvador (BA), and another 100% of the property’s expansion area, which is currently leased Unime, faculty of the Cogna group.

In October, the fund had signed a commitment to acquire the properties and the transaction was subject to procedures such as auditing the assets and approving the deal at a general meeting.

Having overcome all the conditions, HSI Malls confirmed the payment of R$ 432 million for the spaces that, together, represent 37 thousand square meters of gross leasable area (GLA). Management expects the transaction to generate an additional result of R$29 million over the next 24 months, equivalent to R$1.84 per share.

Opened in 2009, Shopping Paralela is located in the Alphaville region of Salvador and houses 263 stores. Unime college has a lease agreement until February 2029, which can be renewed for another ten years.

With the acquisition, the fund will have 6 assets and a GLA of 166 thousand square meters in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Acre and São Paulo.


Renters of Torre Norte (TRNT11) delay rent and fund predicts dividend reduction

The FII Torre Norte informed the shareholders that it did not receive, until the night of this Thursday (13), the payment of the December rent from some of the fund’s tenants.

According to the management of Torre Norte, the delay would reduce the next dividend distribution by approximately R$0.06 per share.

At the same time, the fund received all payments that were outstanding for the month of November, an amount equivalent to R$ 0.05 per share.

Considering the delay in December and the regularization of defaulters in the previous month, the fund confirms the reduction of R$ 0.01 per share in the next dividend distribution.

The FII Torre Norte portfolio is composed of a single property, which bears the same name as the fund, which is located in the Centro Empresarial das Nações Unidas, in São Paulo (SP).

In recent weeks, the fund received two proposals for the sale of the high-end office building, which totals a GLA of 62,500 square meters. The offers reach R$ 525 million.

FII Torre Norte is analyzing the proposals received and, if it considers them valid, will convene an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the sale of the property, the fund’s only asset.


today’s dividends

Check out the real estate funds that distribute income this Friday (14):

HGRE11CSHG Real Estate BRL 2.75
HGLG11CSHG Logistics BRL 1.75
URPR11Urca Prime Income BRL 1.67
HCTR11Hectare BRL 1.60
REC11REC Receivables Real Estate BRL 1.46
BCRI11Real Estate Receivables BRL 1.35
DEVA11Devant Real Estate Receivables BRL 1.35
HGCR11CSHG Real Estate Receivables BRL 1.25
MFII11Merit Real Estate Development I BRL 1.25
VRTA11Truth factor BRL 1.19
HGBS11Hedge Brasil Shopping BRL 1.10
PLCR11Plural Real Estate Receivables BRL 1.05
XPCI11XP Real Estate Credit BRL 0.97
OUJP11Ourinvest JPP BRL 0.95
FEXC11BTG Pactual CRI Fund BRL 0.93
BTCR11BTG Pactual Real Estate Credit BRL 0.91
RBVA11Rio Bravo Income Retail BRL 0.91
BBPO11Progressive BB II BRL 0.90
BLMG11Bluemacaw Logistics BRL 0.90
TRXF11TRX Real Estate BRL 0.90
KNRI11Kinea Real Estate Income BRL 0.88
RBRL11RBR Log BRL 0.85
GALG11Guardian Logistics BRL 0.84
VISC11Vinci Shopping Centers BRL 0.81
SADI11Santander Real Estate Papers BRL 0.77
HGRU11CSHG Urban Income BRL 0.76
SDIL11SDI Rio Bravo Renda Logística BRL 0.76
GTWR11Green Towers BRL 0.74
VILG11Vinci Logistics BRL 0.70
XPSF11XP Selection Fund Of Funds BRL 0.70
VIFI11Vinci Financial Instruments BRL 0.66
MALL11Malls Brasil Plural BRL 0.65
SARE11Santander Rent Income BRL 0.65
XPLG11XP Log BRL 0.64
KFOF11Kinea FoF BRL 0.61
HFOF11Hedge Top Fo 3 BRL 0.60
HGFF11CSHG Imobiliário Fof BRL 0.58
HSLG11HSI Logistics BRL 0.58
RCRB11Rio Bravo Corporate Income BRL 0.55
XPPR11XP Properties BRL 0.55
BCFF11BTG Pactual Fund Of Funds BRL 0.54
RECT11REC Real Estate Income BRL 0.54
TEPP11Tellus Properties BRL 0.51
BRCR11BC Fund BRL 0.50
VINO11Vinci Offices BRL 0.50
RBFF11Rio Bravo Background BRL 0.47
RBRP11RBR Properties BRL 0.46
FIGS11General Shopping Active E Income BRL 0.37
VSLH11Versailles Real Estate Receivables BRL 0.12
XPCM11XP Corporate Macaé BRL 0.11
MXRF11Maxi Income BRL 0.09
BLMR11Bluemacaw Renda+ Fof BRL 0.08
TORD11EI Tordesillas BRL 0.08
KISU11kilima BRL 0.07

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Real estate spin: Google bets on hybrid work and should spend US$ 1 billion on its own buildings

Alphabet’s Google is set to spend $1 billion to buy its own offices in London, maintaining a key presence in the UK capital at a time when companies struggle to know how to manage employees’ work habits.

The purchase and renovation of the Central Saint Giles complex, to which it moved in 2011, is being carried out as the company completes the construction of its giant new headquarters in the United Kingdom in the King’s Cross area, which has a swimming pool, massage and exercise.

The latest purchase is a bet by Google that tech workers will want to go back to the office — at least temporarily. Google said in a statement on Friday that it will renovate offices to add more flexible workspace for teams.

In August of last year, Google approved 85% of employee requests for remote work or relocation once its offices fully reopened. The company expects around 60% of its employees to work in the office a few days a week, with around 20% able to apply to work permanently from home.

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