Resende turns in stoppage time and eliminates Corinthians from Copa São Paulo – 01/14/2022

Closing this Friday’s games for the São Paulo de Juniores Cup, Resende turned on Corinthians and won 2-1 in stoppage time, guaranteeing a spot in the round of 16 of the tournament. Timãozinho took the lead with Matheus Araújo, but Brendon and Halls turned to the carioca team at the Martins Pereira stadium, in São José dos Campos.

In the morning, Botafogo drew 1-1 with Taubaté and advanced on penalties by 4-3. In this way, we will have a Rio de Janeiro duel in the next phase of the knockout stage.

Replay of the group stage

It is worth remembering that the teams had already played an exciting game in Group 15. Keven opened the scoring for Corinthians, but Bismarck equalized for Resende in the 44th minute of the second half. In stoppage time, Matheus Araújo scored the winning goal for Timãozinho, who ended up leading the group with nine points (Resende qualified in second, with four). This time, the party was from Rio.

Corinthians gives a collective lesson in goal

The São Paulo team did not completely dominate Resende in the initial stage, but they had good moments, were organized and ended up crowned with a collective goal. In a move that started back there, the team exchanged passes until Biro found Matheus Araújo in the half-moon. The shirt 10 made a great turn when receiving the ball and played with category in the exit of the goalkeeper. 1 to 0 Corinthians.

Even before the break, Corinthians arrived in danger on two occasions, with Biro and Alemão. Resende had a golden chance after conceding the goal, but Alan Gobetti made an excellent save face to face with Bismarck.

Hero goalkeeper missed Resende

Author of three saves in the penalty shootout against Fortaleza (Resende won 4-3 after 1-1 in normal time), in the previous phase, goalkeeper Pedro was loaned to Portimonense-POR and has already said goodbye to the Rio team. Sales was the starter and did not disappoint, making good saves in both the first and second half.

Resende grows up, enters the game and turns in extra time

Resende kept the organization of a well-trained team, but changed its posture, returned more offensive after the break and reached the tie. Léo Maná arrived late in the bid and committed the infraction on top of Kaio. In the charge, shirt 10 Brendon hit with category, displaced Alan Gobetti and left everything the same.

From the 40th minute, the scenario of the match that was heading for penalties began to change. First, Rodrigo Varanda overplayed a chance in front of goal. At 47, Pedro isolated after goalkeeper Sales gave a rebound inside the area. In the next minute, came the punishment for Corinthians. First, Alan Gobetti saved the team with a save on the counterfoot and played for a corner. But the goalkeeper couldn’t avoid Halls’ header, who went up a lot in the next shot and tested hard to turn the game around. Cold water bucket for Corinthians and Resende’s comeback in stoppage time. 2 to 1 final score.

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