Rio has embezzlement of 5,500 health professionals by the ômicron

The new wave of covid-19 caused by the arrival of the omicron variant in Brazil has resulted in the removal of more than 5,500 health professionals in the municipal network of Rio de Janeiro since the end of December, informed the SMS (Municipal Health Secretariat).

Amid the outbreak, SMS launched a public notice for the emergency hiring of 500 nursing technicians, who will be hired to care for patients with covid-19. However, the city government does not confirm that the hiring is related to the large deficit of employees caused by the advance of the micron.

According to the folder, some professionals have already returned to work after fulfilling the necessary period of isolation.

Rio de Janeiro has been the epicenter of the omicron in the country. The state was the first to note that the new variant — more transmissible and with the ability to partially escape immunity brought about by vaccines or previous infections.

Until yesterday, the month of January had 53,304 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the city, surpassing August 2021, until then the month with the most contaminated in the capital.

Yesterday, the country registered almost 100,000 new known cases of covid-19, according to data from the consortium of press vehicles, of which the UOL is part.

A thousand street sweepers are removed due to covid

In addition to health, other essential areas are also being affected by the new strain of coronavirus.

According to Comlurb (Municipal Urban Cleaning Company), approximately 1,000 street sweepers had to be removed because of the disease — 7% of the company’s total workforce.

Comlurb says it is monitoring all cases of covid-19 among its employees and following the recommendations of the health authorities.

Faced with the lack of staff, the company released a statement today asking for the collaboration of the population. According to the text, “like all essential categories that never stopped working during the pandemic, urban cleaning professionals are suffering from the high rate of contamination in this new wave of covid-19”.

Despite this, the company denies that there is a risk of damage to the garbage collection and street sweeping service.

Comlurb also claims that its professionals are overworked and asks the population to collaborate by properly disposing of residential waste.

“The time is to ask for empathy from the population with the category that works incessantly to keep Rio de Janeiro clean, not overloading the professionals who are on the streets until their colleagues return.”

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