Rodrigo Hilbert tries to build a roller coaster for his children

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Is there anything this man doesn’t do? Rodrigo Hilbert once again shows the public his commitment to accomplishing anything. He has already built a chapel to marry Fernanda Lima, turned a shovel and broom into a chair, made a doll house for his daughter, among other things. But it seems that building roller coasters was unfortunately not one of his accomplishments.

He presented on his Instagram account a video in which he appears building a roller coaster for his children João and Francisco, 13 years old, and Maria, two years old, in the backyard of his house.

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The result of the attempt

But as not everything goes as we want, Rodrigo was unable to perform the feat of building the radical toy and even joked on instagram:

“Could it have worked? It could, but it didn’t. It was worth the try, next time I will call a specialized professional,” he wrote in the caption.

Soon, the publication received several comments like. “Something was wrong on purpose, right, to raise the self-esteem of the staff”, “Have you ever thought, if it worked, the hell that would turn married life” joked the netizens.

“Definitely: I QUIT TRYING TO IMMEDIATE YOU!!!!” joked another.

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The Artist’s Inventions

After cooking, crocheting, painting and building a house with his own hands, Rodrigo Hilbert attacked again, he decided to build a bench with pieces of tools that would end up in the trash, really unstoppable.

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