Royal funeral eve party plunges Boris Johnson into crisis – News

New revelations about Downing Street parties ended a disastrous week for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to the conservative Daily Telegraph, until the early hours of April 17, 2021, a period of national mourning, Downing Street people, official residence of the prime minister, celebrated in grand style the departure of two collaborators: Communications Director James Slack, now deputy editor of The Sun newspaper, and a personal photographer for Johnson.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II was preparing to bury her husband. In one of the images that best symbolize the rigor of the confinements caused by Covid-19 in the United Kingdom, the 95-year-old monarch appears dressed in black and sitting alone in the chapel of Windsor Castle during the funeral of Prince Philip, with whom was married for seven decades.

Two Downing Street parties, one of which was held in an attic of government headquarters, ended up coming together in the gardens of the official residence, according to the newspaper close to power.

A person was sent to a supermarket to buy bottles of wine, which he took to the place in a suitcase.

At that time, indoor gatherings were prohibited, and a maximum of six people could gather outdoors.


This Friday (14), the services of the British Prime Minister apologized to Queen Elizabeth II. “It is deeply regrettable that this came at a time of national mourning and the 10th [Downing Street] apologized to the palace,” a spokesman for the conservative leader said.

The request for forgiveness was made through official channels. In a statement, James Slack, the former director of communications, apologized “unreservedly for the anger and pain caused”. He even said he took “full responsibility”.

Johnson, 57, was not present and was, according to a spokesman quoted by the Telegraph, in Checkers, the country residence of British heads of government.

These new revelations, however, add to the already long list of parties organized in power circles during the confinement periods of the last two years. And they show, according to witnesses cited by the media, a veritable drinking culture in Downing Street.

The events plunged the conservative leader even further into crisis, who, claiming that a member of his family contracted Covid-19, has not been seen in public since Wednesday (12), when justified in Parliament its presence at a party in May 2020.

Johnson has been through the worst period since his triumphant rise to power in July 2019. In freefall in the polls, he is now struggling to keep his party and government in check.

“The Queen sat alone, in mourning, like so many others at that time, affected by personal trauma and sacrifice, to respect the rules in the national interest,” Angela Rayner, number two of the Labor Party, tweeted.

Several Conservative lawmakers joined the opposition in calling for Johnson’s resignation. Andrew Bridgen was the last to present a letter to the committee that governs the Conservative Party’s parliamentary organization, denouncing a “moral vacuum at the heart of the government” and calling for an internal motion of no confidence against its leader.

If enough letters are received, the committee will have to organize a new primary to replace Johnson.

Meanwhile, Johnson and his ministers repeat that they must wait for the publication of the conclusions, at best next week, of an internal investigation into illegal parties.

But The Times newspaper already announced this Friday (14) that the investigation had not found sufficient evidence of crimes.

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