Sale at Extra generates confusion and dispute over meat in Fortaleza

At Extra de Fortaleza, intense movement causes confusion and disputes over meat.  Photo: Social networks/Playback

In Extra de Fortaleza, intense movement causes confusion and dispute over meat. Photo: Social networks / Reproduction

  • The company announced the end of its activities last year;

  • Videos posted on social networks show uproar among customers;

  • 71 stores were purchased by the wholesaler Assai.

On the night of last Wednesday, 12, there was a confusion among consumers in one of the stores of the Extra hypermarket chain in the capital of Ceará. The company, which announced the end of its operations in October of last year, has since carried out product promotions to clear the stock.

Images that circulate on the internet set the tone for the sales carried out by the hypermarket network. Crowded people vying for products on sale are common on records. In Fortaleza, videos published on social networks show an uproar among customers. In one of the posts, an employee throws a piece of meat to people who are clustered around him.

The closing of the activities of the 103 stores in the country was announced in October last year by the company. At the time, an agreement totaling R$5.2 billion, formalized the sale of 71 stores of the extra hypermarket together with Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA) to the wholesaler Assai. The rest of the stores must be closed or converted to other GPA formats.

The Extra brand will not disappear completely from the business, as Grupo Pão de Açúcar has a project to maintain, alongside Pão de Açúcar and the Minuto stores, the Mercado Extra chain, a smaller version of Extra Hiper, which from this purchase , ceases to exist altogether.

Network has been selling since last year

Since the announcement, more than 100 units of the chain, spread across Brazil, are participating. The liquidation happens gradually until the total demobilization of the stores. On the shelves you can find products with up to 50% off.

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