Santos beats Ferroviária on penalties and is in the round of 16 of the São Paulo Cup – 01/14/2022

At Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara, Santos beat Ferroviária on penalties by 5 to 4 (0 to 0 in normal time) and is in the round of 16 of the Copa São Paulo de Juniores. With one more for practically the entire second half, Peixe’s strong attack went blank and couldn’t repeat the same inspiration from other games. In the charges, goalkeeper Diógenes took the first penalty and helped Santos in the classification.

It is worth remembering that this was a repeat of the group stage meeting. At the time, Peixe also got the best, but it only took 90 minutes to win 2-0. Now, in the round of 16, the boys from Vila will take on Fluminense. This Friday, the tricolor carioca applied 3 to 0 in Ponte Preta and secured their spot.

Defenses stand out, but attacks suffer with creativity

Santos started the match better, with Rwan Seco’s submissions and Patati’s moves, but without that inspiration that the team had in other games, prevailing the good defensive posture. The same was seen at Ferroviária, which managed to balance the match and nullify Peixe’s attack after the first few minutes, but which also didn’t show much when trying to attack the opponent.

Fish climbs the lines and almost gets punished

The best chance of the first half was from Ferroviária and it came out of a kick by the goalkeeper. As Santos played with their high lines, the defense was caught off guard by goalkeeper Benassi’s kick that crossed the field. Jhoninha was faster than Peixe’s defense and entered the area free, but Diógenes came out well and prevented the covering goal.

Controversial dismissal heats up the mood in the second half

The teams needed to come back from the break with another posture to seek classification, but the game gained a new scenario because of a controversial moment just after two minutes. Patati lost a shoulder dispute with winger Hugo. After getting up, Santos forced the bar too much and simulated an aggression in the face. The referee had the same interpretation and expelled Ferrinha’s side, generating a lot of complaints from the team and fans at Fonte Luminosa.

After the red card, the atmosphere heated up again with heavier fouls on the field. Patati himself was visibly more nervous, including being the author of some of these fouls. At another time, the attacker tried to simulate a penalty, but was ignored by the referee, who ended up pressured to yellow the player.

Santos does not take advantage of numbers

With the exception of a dangerous shot from Rwan Seco, Santos could not take advantage of the numerical advantage as they should have during most of the second half. Only in injury time did Victor Michell invade the area at speed and narrowly missed scoring for coverage. On the other side, Ferrinha continued to be brave and did not stop attacking, but ran into the difficulty of having one less player to participate in offensive actions. With many passing errors, nervousness and more fouls, the match ended goalless and went to penalties.

Diogenes takes a penalty and Pisces advances

Ferroviária opened the scoring, but Jhoninha saw Diógenes defend his kick with his left foot, while Lucas Pires put Santos ahead. Then, Caio, Xavier, Modesto and Diogo scored for Ferrinha, but Rwan Seco, Pedrinho, Fernandinho and Patati kept Santos with 100% success and qualified Peixe for the round of 16. 5 to 4 final score.

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