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The drop in the profitability of the savings account is the biggest since 1991
Maria Clara Matturo

The drop in the profitability of the savings account is the biggest since 1991

An investment wanted by the population, savings had the worst rate of return in 31 years, according to a survey carried out by Economática. Last year, the book showed a negative yield of 6.37%, that is, for every BRL 1,000 deposited, investors lost BRL 63.70.

This is the worst value since 1990, when a negative result of 22.44% was recorded. Investment was also negative for the third consecutive year. Since 2019, savings have been losing strength in relation to inflation, which reached 10.06% in 2021.

The data show, however, that savings showed greater profitability than investments in the Stock Exchange. The successive falls of the Ibovespa index after precautions in the financial market made the investment close the year with -19.98%.

The CDI, which has stood out in recent years for its profitability, ended 2021 with a negative return of 5.12%. Experts believe that the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic, the main one at the beginning of last year, caused fear in investors and, consequently, a drop in the profitability of investments.

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