SBT changes everything in a newspaper, removes Darlisson Dutra and summons Dudu Camargo and Marcão

With less than a week on the air, SBT Notícias will already undergo drastic changes. As of Monday (17), presenter Darlisson Dutra leaves the program and returns to Primeira Impacto. Dudu Camargo and Marcão do Povo assume the afternoon, but without leaving the morning.

Initially, due to being off duty next week, Dutra would not resume his duties in Primeira Impacto. But around 7pm this Friday (14), he informed the SBT management that he would work on Monday. In other words, Dudu and Marcão will work double shifts next week, but with Dutra in the morning. The schedule of SBT Noticias remains the same: from 12:00 to 14:15, with exhibition only for São Paulo.

wanted by TV news, SBT confirmed the information. The broadcaster wants to raise the rating of the journalist, which has not left the 3 rating points in Greater São Paulo. Silvio Santos wants to surf the high popularity of Dudu and Marcão – but they will face the also popular Reinaldo Gottino, direct competitor of SBT Notícias with Balanço Geral, from Record.

In addition to the change of anchors, SBT Notícias will gain a more police tone. With Dutra, the goal was something closer to service provision. A football table with the narrator Luiz Alano, who is part of the SBT sports team, will be maintained and shown around 2 pm.

SBT Notícias is a summer bet by SBT to have more journalism. The premiere took place on Monday (10), but the indices were still not satisfactory. At times, the newspaper even lost to the Band’s sports programs presented by Renata Fan and Craque Neto.

Bom Dia & Cia will continue with its normal duration, from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. If the audience does not respond, new changes in the journalistic field are not ruled out. Before its launch, SBT stated that it will give the project time to consolidate.

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